US government says China will be made accountable for human rights abuses

China has been called out by the US, for human rights violations. President Biden said China has to be held liable for any abuses it perpetuates. 

China government liable for any abuses it engaged in 

President Joe Biden-led administration has said that the Chinese will be held accountable for all manners of human rights abuses. This statement was made when he asked about the Chinese treatment of the Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region. 

The Chinese government of President Jinping has been roundly slammed for camping Uighurs and treating them poorly amongst other human rights abuses. 

'' China knows he cannot get away with these abuses, and the Chinese president is aware of that. ''

He said the US is currently studying reports and will come out with a clear statement soon. President Biden said the US will soon show its dominant role and speak against various shades of human abuses anywhere in the world. 

China must stop abuses to be considered a world power - President Biden 

''The Chinese are working to be a global power, however, it isn't just by economy and technology, they have to protect the weak so that other nations can rely on them. ''

 '' As long as Beijing continues to indulge in acts that are averse to simple human rights, they cannot attain that top position in the world.''

Earlier this month, President Biden called his compatriot Xi Jinping to discuss the preservation of the Indo-European region in the world. President Biden also raised the issue of China bias, unfair trading practices, and violent crackdowns as it is visible in Hongkong. 

China has also been accused of being too assertive in Asian countries like Taiwan and there are fears that the Chinese forceful nature in the Asian region is sad. The Chinese government has continued to deny the claims saying that it isn't interested in any forms of oppression.

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