UN chief accuses 'few' nations of getting 80% of all COVID-19 vaccines

A top official of the United Nations has questioned the moral standing of '10' western nations for getting most of the vaccines available. He pleaded that consideration should be given to developing and war-torn nations. 

Some western nations cornered 90% of available COVID-19 vaccines - UN chief 

 The United Nations boss has sternly lambasted the unfair and biased distribution of all available coronavirus vaccines by just 10 nations in the world. While discussing with a high-powered delegation of the security council, Antonio Guterres said about 132 countries have not been given any vaccine jab yet.

 '' During this trying period for everyone, equal distribution of vaccines is a huge moral test, which many of the big nations have failed”, he stated.

Antonio Guterres has called for a swift plan to ensure the fair distribution of vaccines among all nations. He also told pharmaceutical firms and scientists to fund an effort that will guarantee everyone gets a job as quickly.

Antonio Guterres wants more cooperation to help other nations get vaccines 

 He has told western nations in The G-20 to create a task force where all key parties will discuss the way forward. He advised a group of 8 western nations to collaborate and pull financial resources to make vaccinations reach everyone. 

According to media sources, all nations present at the party agreed that there are cogent issues in the Covid-19 fight.

 '' Big nations are going in with the vaccinations, but other developing nations are not. How are we going to eradicate coronavirus from spreading with that arrangement?. ''

 '' Just less than 2 percent of COVID-19 vaccines have been given in 33 countries.'' Dominic Raab says.

Dominic pleaded with the UN to pass a resolution stopping ceasefires in war-torn countries to enable COVID-19 vaccines. He said these internal wars pose huge health concerns to all.  The United Nations has said about 179 million individuals are being exempted from vaccines because they stay in countries engulfed by wars.