The US approves $210 million in arms sales to Egypt despite human rights violations

Despite various accusations of human rights violations against Egypt, the US has sold weapons to the Arab nation. An American citizen and his family were harassed recently in Egypt, and the US hasn't done anything. 

US government sold ammunitions worth over $200 million to Egypt 

The government of the United States has sold weapons which are worth over $210 million to Cairo despite the country's poor human rights history. Last week, an American activist and his family were harassed by government security forces in the Arab nation. 

However, the  American government has pledged to stop supporting Saudi Arabia's war efforts in Yemen and also reviewing its sale of a military jet for the UAE. But in the latest news, it says it has sold about 170 tactical missiles to Egypt which amounts to about $199 million. 

The sale includes Raytheon rolling airframe missiles which the Egyptian military needed to. Improves its defense system in the waterways. The  US defense said that it sanctioned the sale because Egypt is a key military partner in the Middle East. The sale is still subject to congressional approval when they meet early next week. 

President Biden promises to be more concerned about Egypt latest abuses 

The President Biden administration has pledged to be stern towards human rights violators and be tougher than President Trump. Former President Trump hugely supported President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Egypt has come under heavy criticism after an American lawyer Mohammed Soltan went to court saying he was tortured by security officials at the capital. 

He also said the securities ransacked the homes of 7 of his family members on Monday. The spokesperson of the US said the government is aware of the accusations and is talking to the relevant authorities.

He said the sale of the weapons, the accusations by Mohammed are being taken seriously and will be closely monitored. Egyptian authorities are yet to confirm or deny the abuse allegations by the lawyer.