Usually, in most TV series the main actors survive any dramatic situation until the end of the series. However, there are series in which the main characters die in different ways and in ways that are unexpected by the viewers. What then are the causes of death of these characters?

Through the spread of viruses

Experiments with viruses in research laboratories can turn into a catastrophe. Thus, the spread of a virus can cause the death of the main characters of various television series. Indeed, laboratory experiments on various aspects can lead to the drift of a whole nation. This is the case in the series The Walking Dead, where several main characters are reported to have died. The virus in The Walking Dead caused the end of the world by turning almost the entire population into zombies. This transformation of people into zombies causes a manhunt where people lost their lives. Thus, the main actors of a series can be killed by inappropriate manipulation during a laboratory experiment. In addition, the side effects observed after the spread of a virus cause the tragic death of actors. Where actors are forced to kill each other by decapitating or blowing their heads off with swords and guns. These circumstances do not give the choice of wanting to save one's neighbor at the risk of being bitten or killed.

Through natural disasters

In several other television series, we see the death of the main characters through tragic phenomena. Thus, tornadoes, earthquakes, and volcanoes are in most of the time responsible for the death of these characters. These are phenomena over which we have no control when it starts. This means that everyone can lose their life as well as the main characters. So, the main characters of a TV series can lose their lives for many reasons.